Thursday, June 21, 2012

Audrey Rose's Quilt

My daughter Leann's best friend recently
became a Mother.  She thought it would
be nice if I made her a quilt.  Bright colors
were requested.  Nothing "old looking" for
these modern girls! 
(I did however use the old Log Cabin block)
The quilt is machine sewn, but I can't
take credit for the quilting.
Audrey Rose
Daughter of Leslie
and Justin Frazier

Best Friends since first grade
My daughter Leann (on the left)
and Leslie.


  1. Oh what beautiful vintage fabrics you have used. It will go great with Audrey's dark hair, great job!

  2. The old log cabin is probably my favorite. You have made it up so beautifully in the blues and yellows. The little chick print is just perfect for a child's quilt.

  3. Beautiful little quilt! Log cabin quilts are always in style I believe. I'm sure she will treasure it.

  4. nice pictures. the quilt is very pretty. a wonderful gift.


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