Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Little Missouri, the Hatch Collection
 inspired doll has finally been
finished. Missouri's Mother has been
busy teaching her how to bake bread, and
she has been an eager but messy leaner!
I decided to give her black antique
wooden shoe button eyes and a sideswipe
apron. Next time you bake bread
 look at your apron to see
where all the flour is. If it's in 
the front you are a frontswipe baker,
the side a sideswipe, the back a
backswipe. Aprons are made accordingly.
If you are really messy your apron
should be extra long too!
Her head scarf, shoulder scarf and
apron are made from a fine thin
cotton. Her red dress is an
1800's reproduction print cotton. 
She has an attached nose and
embroidered mouth and wool hair. 
Her simple petticoat and pantalettes
are sewn from linen. She is all
cloth and stuffed with wool
roving. She is sewn entirely
by hand. She is 14 1/2 inches tall.
She has been aged to give her
that well loved look.
Here are photos that are not
jazzed up!!

She will be available on the first
of June at Early Work Mercantile.


  1. Replies
    1. She is wonderful, Sherri! I was lucky enough to see the Hatch Collection in person and you have captured the true essence of what an early black doll should be. Beautiful job!

  2. Oh my goodness she's wonderful! (I guess I must be a just plain swipe, 'cause I get flour everywhere. :~)

  3. She is just a fabulous doll. You did such a good job with everything. I love her eyes and her nose. Her head cloth, scarf and apron are aged just right. People love the black dolls. I always have. She is a treasure for sure.

  4. Little Missouri is wonderful...a great little nod to the Hatch inspirations! I like her dark eyes. And, just like always, you have chosen your fabrics so well and your work is just perfection!

  5. You did such nice work. I like the very close up photo of her face. You can see the texture of the fabric. I love the wool hair too!


  6. "Miss Missouri" is precious! Love her eyes. Great work.

    :) Carolyn


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