Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dolly's Dress and Apron--MAYBE

I've gotten a dress and a linen apron done for
the early black doll I have been working on. 
 I chose a reproduction 1800's red cotton with
a lovely wheat pattern.  It was a bit bright so..

They have been aged for that "loved" look.

I have also sewn a different longer apron with
a matching head scarf out of a sheer cotton, that
 has been heavily aged.  So, I am undecided. 

I am also thinking of making a few changes to
her face, as I am not fully satisfied with
 that either!  I will continue to work on
 her until I am happy.  I'm sure all doll makers
do the same thing.  Are we always
tweaking and changing our minds?  Are we
ever 100% happy with our creations? 


  1. What a wonderful dress, my favorite color happens to be red. Your clothing is sewn very well. Can't wait to see your doll.

    Your not alone, I think many doll makers change things around while they "create" a doll. I too tweak and change until I am satisfied.


  2. Beautiful outfit Sherri, love your choice of color.

  3. Can't wait to see her all dressed up. And yes, we are always tweaking and changing our minds. :~)

  4. I absolutely love the fabrics you choose for your dolls. The red wheat pattern is gorgeous...great look with the apron. "100% pleased" doesn't exist in my world...still trying to make the perfect doll!

  5. The dress and apron are so nice. I did love the little head rag you made. It should be just right. I always make changes to faces before either being satisfied or deciding I've done all I can or know how to do. I think your black doll will be so great, can't wait to see her finished.

    1. Thanks Ladies, I am so glad to hear that other dollmakers change their minds like I do. I guess I am still looking for the perfect doll too!


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