Friday, May 25, 2012

Building Our Log Cabin

My husband and a small crew built
our cypress log cabin in the summer
of 1997.  It's nestled in the
woods just above the banks of the
Swan Creek.
We down sized in anticipation of our
retirement.  You will notice the building
to the left in the above photo.  That's my
hubby's's bigger than the cabin!!
I love the covered porches.  A great place to
drink my morning coffee, and listen to
the soothing sounds of the creek.  At night the
 upper deck is the perfect spot to observe
the night sky or moon bathe naked!
We installed a Hartstone soapstone wood
burning stove, hard wood floors and Pella
Although it looks small & quaint from the
front it actually has lots of room & all the
modern conveniences.  
I love every inch of our Ozark cabin!  


  1. Heavenly!!! If heaven ain't a lot like the Ozarks, I don't want to go...rather stay home! (stole this from Alabama.) I love your cabin and the wonderful covered porches! "Moon bathe naked" fun!!!

  2. ME TOO!!! That would be my dream.

    :) Carolyn

  3. It is beautiful Sherri, you must have such fond memories of the process of building your homestead. Mark and I have built one house and then went on to refurbish 3 others, youth has its advantages. I am to old and tired to even think about all that energy now, LOL.

  4. Loved this post. We have 3 log cabin kit homes on farm land in Illinois.
    I just love the way they feel inside and out!
    Yours is wonderful and the view is amazing!

  5. Oh how I envy you Sherri! It's my kinda place. I would love to live in lovely log cabin like yours, nestled in the woods with the creek. You make things sound divine. Your pictures are wonderful and I see your hubby got a big shop!

    My hubby and I enjoyed our honeymoon in a historical log cabin bed and breakfast. It was a huge home with antiques all around us with quilts, spinning wheel, a porch swing, lake, and much more. I enjoyed every moment and your cabin life sounds just like it.

  6. Sherri, your log house is beautiful. My husband and I built a log cabin too. We chopped down the trees with an axe and skinned them with shovels. We didn't have any electricity or water then. We eventually built all around the cabin of logs and now you can't see the log house anymore it's covered in sheet rock and conventional material, but I left a few logs exposed to still see it. I will post pictures of what we built for ya'll to see. I regret we covered up the logs, but it's done now. Love your house. It's very fine. Ours was very primitive. martha

  7. Oh, how I love your cabin!
    I loved seeing the construction pictures too! It reminds me of our Cabin building days! Not that I was really there for most of it, since I hadn't been born yet. =]
    But the pictures always give me a warm cuddly feeling, like everything has turned out for the best. =]

    Thanks for your sweet comment!

  8. Thanks to you all for your wonderful comments!!

  9. This is just perfect! We have some property where a cabin like this would be just the thing; however, Popa says he'd never be able to move away from his shop and barns. Maybe some of the grandchildren can build there someday. Thanks for the tour.


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