Saturday, January 21, 2012

Teeny Baskets & Brooms

I am always on the lookout for handmade
   accessories that are period appropriate for my dolls. 
 Not an easy task.  I was surprised & delighted
 to receive these wonderful primitive baskets from my
 dear friend Teresa.

  She gathered the materials for the baskets in the
 woods at "Hard Cracker Farm" where she lives with
her husband Dave.

Teresa demonstrating primitive basket making
at Silver Dollar City.  Thank you Teresa, but .....
I will not enjoy parting with them!

I attended a historic arts show at Arrow Rock,
Missouri a couple years ago and met a young
apprentice broom maker.  She liked my dolls, and
 I liked the brooms.  Long story short,
 The Widow Perkins now resides with Miss Emily.
 &  I have handmade Ozark
 brooms......doll size!

Emily has done a beautiful job & the
size is just right.

 I'm sure the Dolly's are looking forward to
 using these fine brooms!


  1. Your doll-sized baskets and brooms are perfect for your dolls...look forward to seeing what the dolls do with them.

  2. Ciao amica lontana,

    pochi Blog sono belli come il tuo !!!



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