Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A doll body almost finished......

I have almost finished a basic body for another doll.  I dyed a small amount of homespun muslin a faded dark brown for her high top shoes. 

For her body I chose a medium weight utility cotton and a striped cotton for her stockings.  I have lightly tea stained these fabrics with my Hubby's PG Tips tea.

She'll need a simple face, some hair & little shoe laces.

Oh, she'll need clothing too........


  1. Can not wait to see her all dressed up.

  2. Dressing a doll is what I love most...looking forward to seeing how she steps out. Love the primitive look you give to each of your creations.

  3. Sherri, We seem to share a love for folk art dolls and the beautiful Ozarks. We live on the Arkansas side of the Ozarks. I am enjoying looking back at your dolls and older posts. And, thanks for becoming my first follower on my new blog.


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