Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Around The Cabin

I'm doing a bit of Christmas decorating and thought you might enjoy a peek.....
Above the hutch in the dining room.  An old brass wash board, some crocks, and a rooster tureen I hand carried on the plane all the way from Japan.
St. Nick candy container.
Some of the "sweets" ornaments on this wreath started out on a small tree many years ago.  Eventually I moved them to this wreath.  Every year we added something new.  Now it's overflowing with cookies, gumdrop angels, blown glass candy, chocolate Santa's, garland, a gingerbread house, Santa's head pastry Elf & even a cupcake fairy!
My husband and I are lucky to have these ornaments from our childhood Christmas trees.  They are practically antiques!!!
The mantle displays this Father Christmas along side the many little trees I have collected.  Some are from a Ben Franklin 5 & dime store.   Any one remember those? 
I made this Father Christmas in 1990. He has a porcelain face, cloth body, and a wool beard. His cloak is red wool lined with green satin and trimmed in fur.  He has fur trimmed suede boots.
The little card hanging from his pack says.....

I've traveled far over land and sea
To bring the world good cheer,
Inspect my pack then try to guess
My gift for you this year.
He carries lots of goodies in his basket.
He wears a special crystal, and 
his tooled leather pouch contains 
star dust.
I hope he doesn't have to use 
those switches on any naughty children.
His walking stick has vintage brass 
bells and was made by my husband
 out of Missouri walnut.
I hope you've enjoyed this peek into the cabin.
Thanks for stopping in!!


  1. Your Santa is fantastic. I love the little details...leather pouch with fairy dust...the bag of goodies. It's fun to see all the different ornaments. Mine have changed over the years...and I am changing things up again this year!

  2. Wonderful decorating, but that Santa you made is a true work of art!!! Stunning!

  3. Your decorating is gorgeous! I love your Santa, he is wonderful!


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