Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Visitors

Grandpa and Grandma Butternut are coming to visit the Butternuts for the Christmas holidays.  Their visits are always highly anticipated.  They have been busy making gifts for all the little Butternut's Christmas stockings.  Grandma's handwork is exceptional, perhaps she'll bring knitted woolen mittens, handkerchiefs with beautifully tatted edges, or pretty dollys.  Grandad whittles and loves to make wooden toys.  His tops will spin forever and his horses are so life like.  They will bring the Butternut family bible to record the birth of the newest Butternut.  On Christmas Eve all the Butternuts will gather around the fire to hear Grandad read the story of the little baby born in Bethlehem..........and they will be thankful & joyous!

Grandma Butternut

Grandma Butternut is 18 inches tall, cloth, stuffed with wool. Her hand sewn mid 1800's reproduction print cotton dress has pagoda sleeves with lace edged under sleeves. 3 decorative antique china buttons adorn the back. She has an embroidered face, wool braided hair fashioned into a low bun, hand stitched fingers and little shoe laces. Her lace collar and shawl are hand crocheted cotton.

Her muslin lined straw spoon bonnet is embellished with velvet flowers, vintage spun cotton and composition fruits and vegetables and a black silk ribbon. 

Her under garments are hand stitched and consist of a hand crocheted lace edged cotton petticoat and pantalettes.   She is signed, dated and has a special wooden "Make Do Doll tag"

She carries a vintage basket that is initialed and dated by the maker & the Butternut Family bible.

Look for Grandma Butternut at Early Work Mercantile December 1st.

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