Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Visitors

Grandpa and Grandma Butternut are coming to visit the Butternuts for the Christmas holidays.  Their visits are always highly anticipated.  They have been busy making gifts for all the little Butternut's Christmas stockings.  Grandma's handwork is exceptional, perhaps she'll bring knitted woolen mittens, handkerchiefs with beautifully tatted edges, or pretty dollys.  Grandad whittles and loves to make wooden toys.  His tops will spin forever and his horses are so life like.  They will bring the Butternut family bible to record the birth of the newest Butternut.  On Christmas Eve all the Butternuts will gather around the fire to hear Grandad read the story of the little baby born in Bethlehem..........and they will be thankful & joyous!

Grandma Butternut

Grandma Butternut is 18 inches tall, cloth, stuffed with wool. Her hand sewn mid 1800's reproduction print cotton dress has pagoda sleeves with lace edged under sleeves. 3 decorative antique china buttons adorn the back. She has an embroidered face, wool braided hair fashioned into a low bun, hand stitched fingers and little shoe laces. Her lace collar and shawl are hand crocheted cotton.

Her muslin lined straw spoon bonnet is embellished with velvet flowers, vintage spun cotton and composition fruits and vegetables and a black silk ribbon. 

Her under garments are hand stitched and consist of a hand crocheted lace edged cotton petticoat and pantalettes.   She is signed, dated and has a special wooden "Make Do Doll tag"

She carries a vintage basket that is initialed and dated by the maker & the Butternut Family bible.

Look for Grandma Butternut at Early Work Mercantile December 1st.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Wishes

Many many years ago I found this little ceramic Turkey at a flea market, it was very inexpensive but at the time it's what I could afford.  It is marked National Pottery Co. and still has its Made in Japan paper sticker.  Over the years it has graced our table with a dozen different arrangements from plastic greenery, fresh flowers, to whatever happened to be the current style.  I've often thought of replacing it, but it's tradition now.  Besides, Thanksgiving at our house is really about being thankful, family and FOOD!

 Happy Thanksgiving!!

Early Work Mercantile Hand Cast Paper Xmas Ornaments

I will be offering 3 sets of hand cast 100% cotton linter paper ornaments for Early Work Mercantile December 1st.  Be sure and stop in to see all the wonderful items available for Christmas.

Farm Animals

Christmas Traditions

Heavenly Angels & Stars

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Grapevines, Buckeyes & Hedge Apples

Today was perfect for a walk in the woods.  I was on the look out for grapevines to cut.  Most of the leaves have fallen off the trees so the perfect sized vines are easy to spot.  I am in need of a Christmas wreath for the back door.
The vines here are quite numerous and can get very large.  It's not unusual for them to grow to 50 feet or more.  They wrap themselves around the trees and can actually cause damage, so I'm doing a chore too.
I picked up a few Hedge Apples along the way.  The Old-timers say they keep the bugs away if you lay them around the foundation of your cabin.  I don't think there is any scientific truth to that, but I do it every year any way.
  We have a couple of Buckeye trees on the property.  I thought I'd gather some nuts  to make a garland for my  wreath.  These nuts are a beautiful chestnut brown and are naturally glossy.  They have a smooth texture and feel so nice in your hand.  The Old-timers carried them in their pockets for good luck, or to help cure rheumatism. 
Here are some of the vines I cut.  It's bit of a chore to pull them down out of the tree!  I trim off all the scraggly bits and set to work.
I start with the larger vines weaving in and out.
I thought I'd try for a slightly oval shape.  Add a heavy wire hanger and it's ready to decorate.
Finished size is about 23 inches tall and 19 inches wide.  Just about right for the back door.
 I drilled holes through the buckeyes and strung them on wire.
 A few pine cones, some greenery I already had & this will do for the back porch.  Plain and simple!  

Monday, November 14, 2011

Four Butternuts

I just finished 4 Butternuts that will be going to 4 Granddaughters for Christmas.  When I make a doll that I know is going to a child, I generally don't give them a first name.  To me, that is an honor given to the owner and the first step in imaginary play.
I wonder what their names will be.........

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day

"All gave some.....some gave all."
Winston Churchill
When our son Alex  graduated High School he felt a strong sense of duty to his country and joined the Army for 4 years.  Upon his return he attended Missouri State University and also joined the Missouri National Guard.  The 1140th Engineers Battalion was called to duty and Alex spent 13 months in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Thankfully, they all returned safely.  He is again attending  Missouri State University working on his degree in Computer Science. We are proud of you Alex. 

 Thanks to all veterans!!!

" not the short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the 
tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime."
Adlai Stevenson

Monday, November 7, 2011

Patriotic Posters

Veterans Day is coming up, her are some patriotic posters I thought you might enjoy.

Remember to thank a veteran!