Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentine's Day 2019

 On several occasions over the past year
the Hubs was on the lookout for a
wood working project.  He would
ask if there was anything I needed 
for the house.  Mindful that the 
projects needed to be larger to 
compensate for the vision loss and
not wanting a good thing to pass
me by, I managed to come up with 
a suggestion every time.
It's always fun to see how he 
interprets my vague requests.
I could use a larger cutting board......
I need a spice rack that holds all
my spices and the bottles don't fall over
every time I turn it.......
Annabelle, a Robert Raikes wooden doll,
 and her Holly Hobbie friends would 
love a room I could decorate
in the future........

A shelf by the dining room window
to display some of my seasonal Brown
Bag Cookie molds would be much
appreciated, they range in size from

7 inches to 4 inches tall.......
A small keepsake box would be 
very special......
The hubs even carved a little heart 
in the handle of the lift out tray.......
I hope each of you have a 
wonderful Valentine's Day!