Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween 2016

Brown Bag ghost mold-1990
Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Stitching Again

I am finally stitching again.  The first knuckle of my needle
pushing finger no longer bends thanks to the screw that holds
it together, but the finger is healed and I'm pain free.  Ye Haw!
 After a very discouraging attempt to hand sew a stuffed bear
that nearly ended in a tearful ceremonial cremation, I decided
I should do a simple project and slowly work toward
regaining mobility.  Duh! 
This past winter, I took time to do some ancestry research.
It's been on my bucket list to search for a descendant that might 
have served in the Revolutionary War.  I became a member of the 
Taneycomo Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution in 
September through my 7th great grandfather Gen Matthew Locke.
This patriotic wool table mat was a good beginning project.
Big needle with big fat primitive stitches!
Easy and not so frustrating.
I had several ladies in the local DAR chapter that helped
me with research and my application, so I wanted to make
something patriotic as a thank you.  I also discovered a 5th
 cousin, several times removed.  Betty and I share the same
patriot and she kindly provided lots of historic information.
Stitching was very slow, but by the third snowman I
seemed to have better control of my stick finger.
We're having our girlfriends weekend the end of
October.  I thought needle holders would be a nice
gift for the ladies. 

My flowers are hydrangeas, 
made from french knots.  
My elder bachelor brother is doing very well since
 his stroke but will continue to stay with us.  The hubs
is doing great too.  He's fully recovered from neck
surgery.  He kept busy this summer in his wood shop and
is back enjoying sailing.  One of his recent projects is a 
dollhouse room box.  The hubs made the whole thing from 
scrap pieces of wood.  The finished floor is made
from teak wood, very pretty.  Thank ya' hubs.  
This will be a fun winter project.
 I have a few odd pieces of dollhouse furniture left in my attic stash.
They don't really go together, so it's going to be a "make do" eclectic
 kitchen and I'll search E-bay for a table and chairs and maybe a
china cabinet.
 My next stitching project is a dollhouse rug.
It's 5 1/4 inches round & stitched from single strand
embroidery thread, in french knots.  I think it will
take me all winter to complete.
Things are good at the cabin, I'm grateful.
Not sure I'll attempt dollies or clothing anytime
soon, but it's a joy to have a needle in
my hand again!
You can find the patterns I used in my projects here:
The Old Tattered Flag
Chickadee Hollow Designs
All Through The Night 
 Teresa Layman Designs-dollhouse rugs at:
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