Sunday, January 17, 2016

Ozark Folk Art Doll Artist-Kay Cloud

 In the late 1980's I visited a little shop in Reed's Spring,
Missouri called the Sawdust Doll.  The owner and doll maker
was Kay Cloud.  Her shop was full of the most amazing creations.
 Her dolls and primitive animals were my first introduction into
American folk art dolls.  I visited several times, she was always
so friendly, enthusiastic & informative about her dolls.  I recall
 being so amazed she used no patterns & fondly remember her
sitting at her little treadle machine sewing clothing for her dolls.
As I look back, I know that her work was a great influence on me.
This book by Kay has wonderful patterns for simple sawdust dolls,
with painted and embroidered faces.  A must have!!


  1. I just watched the video. I enjoyed seeing and hearing about her dolls and how she makes each one individually and no two alike. I can see how she influenced you Sherri. I hope that you are finding a minute or two now and then to stitch on one of your projects.

  2. Her dolls were enjoyable, and it seems she has a wonderful time making them.

  3. I did enjoy the video and seeing Kay talking about her dolls. I had bought her book a pretty long time ago, but seeing some of the dolls in the video gives you a better idea of how diverse the dolls were. I have seen a few lambs of hers on ebay and would certainly love to have one of her dolls too. Thank you for providing this, as I wouldn't have seen it otherwise. Looking at her dolls does make you inspired to make some originals. This is the thing about people in the world, they make wonderful things, and they inspire so many others to make wonderful things too.

  4. I definitely see her influence in your dolls. I have this book too and have found it quite inspiring. I use her instructions on the last page for making my dolls' shoe laces.

  5. Sherri, this was so very interesting! It had to be a special event to have the chance to visit her shop and actually talk with her!

    You're a trooper to take such good care of the two "patients". I agree with Sandra, I hope you've had a few moments to work on your own dolls.

  6. How wonderful! Here in Texas, we know Bob Phillips on Texas Country Reporter. I love the story of Kay!

  7. I enjoyed the video - and remembering a Kay CLoud 'challenge' at yahoo group VCD a while back. I have two dolls that I made at that time. They were very satisfying dolls to make. I might have to resurrect that booklet to browse through again. :-)

  8. Sherri, You are one blessed gal , to have gotten to meet Kay, I have her book and I truly treasure it, Kay CLoud actually brought the "true" past to the future and and did not let the past just fade away. I sooooo love her dolls and love her for all her sharing, Thank You Sherri for sharing this wonderful post with us, It made me get out my Kay CLoud and dream once again, Your the best, Hugs Sherrie

  9. How very interesting. I was wondering what influenced you in your doll design. That was a good interview.

  10. Just wonderful Bob Phillips does a TV show her in Texas call Texas Country Reporter. I love watching it! Have a great weekend!


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