Sunday, October 18, 2015

Taneyville Benefit

Our little town of Taneyville is having a benefit for 
my step-sister Melinda and her husband Rocky.  He 
is finally home after spending over 100 days in the 
hospital & a few weeks in a rehabilitation center. 
 There will be chili & cinnamon rolls, an old fashioned 
cake walk, games for the kiddies, music and an auction.

I spent last week making arrangements, wreaths &
 baking cakes.  Our little community regularly has
 benefits whenever a need arises, it's what country
 folks do.  It's a social event, a time to visit with 
your neighbors, listen to some ole' time music, eat 
good food and help out a neighbor. 
The benefit was an amazing success.  A huge 
thanks to all the volunteers and those who 
came out to support Rocky & Melinda.
(Thank you Holly and Bethann for the photos)

Volunteers arrived early to set up.
(I'm waiting for directions)

Cakes for the cake walk began to arrive.

Settin' up the children's games.

Ready for the raffle.

Chili & homemade cinnamon rolls
were served till well after dark.
They came back for 2nds and more
cinnamon rolls.

Donations for the auction kept arriving.
Everything imaginable!

The auction went on till well 
after dark too!

What is it??
Regular folks, from old timers

to young'uns, they just
kept comin'.
Melinda & me.
She was so humbled, she spent 
most of the time in tears.
Holly Wilson organized the event,
cooked all the chili and made over
300 cinnamon rolls.  Amazing lady. 
She said it best on her face book page.

And they came. So many wonderful people came out to support Rocky and Melinda. All in all, over 10,000 dollars were raised to help them out. So many people have prayed for Rocky and so many showed their love and support with open hands. This is what community looks like. Thanks to so many who walked up to me and said "I'm here to help". It took everyone working hard to pull this together. Makes me so proud to live in a community where we care about each other. Love to all.
Ya' gotta love small town America!


  1. You truly live in a wonderful community. With so many generous and kind people. It looks like it was quite a benefit for Rocky. The wreath and greenery arrangements you made were so pretty; you truly have some talent in so many ways. The cakes made and all the music and games; fun for everyone. It is so nice to hear that people still care and will help one another. Holly sounds like an amazing woman who did so very much. I pray that Rocky is okay now and that the money donated will help out with their bills.

    1. It's an idyllic little community. Simple country folk with old fashioned values that go way back. Holly is the retired Taneyville elementary school cook.....she knows how to to do it big & the little school makes the kitchen available for functions. She was up working at the crack of dawn. We served up easily 300 cinnamon rolls.......& she made them all by hand! Rocky is doing very well. He needs two canes, but will get stronger. He is just SO happy to be home.

  2. Wow, what a wonderful, successful event. It warms my heart to know that people continue to band together to help each other. The money will bring such relief to Rocky and Melinda, allowing them to sleep at night. It looks like it was a nice day out also. What fun.

    1. It was perfect weather and everyone had a good ole' time. Last week people were dropping by to donate flowers and greenery. My porch began to look like a floral warehouse! I used all my grapevine wreaths, some Christmas tins and luckily, I had sleds. I was desperate to find containers, I even used the large hanging wall basket you made me! Thank you kindly, tee hee!

  3. Wow, this brought a tear or two to my eyes as well. I agree, small town America is the best place to live.

    1. So right Judi. All you hear on the news is the bad stuff, but I suspect this kindness goes on all over America, we are a generous nation. I recall your post on apple cider making where you and Mark set up a roadside stand & donate the proceeds go to a local charity! Hats off!

  4. That's the most beautiful thing ever! Love it when people come together like that.


    1. Thank you Audrey. It was truly amazing to see all the support from the community. Good folks helping good folks, makes ya' proud.

  5. Wow! What an amazing outpouring of love and caring. And, for sure, "Ya' gotta love small town America." Love your Christmas arrangement and wreath!

    1. Thank you, but everything donated went high at the auction! This is kinda cornpone but, 2 of my cakes were chosen by the auctioneer to be auctioned off. That's better than a blue ribbon at the county fair, I was proud as a peacock!

  6. THAT's how it should work. How it can work. So glad you get to live in a community like that, and shoot--that communities like that still exist.

  7. How wonderful when a community gets together for times like this. I hope that Rocky and Melinda keep getting help and that they soon rise above this. Prayers for them!

  8. How wonderful! I hope all goes well for both of them. Keeping them in prayer!

    1. Things are certainly looking on the up side. Rocky is expected to recover further.

  9. It is wonderful to see people reach out to help someone. Everyone did a great thing. It makes you feel so good to know that you did try to help a person in need. It is what everyone should always be willing to do.

    1. So true Martha. Our little community has a benefit when there is need, it does make me feel proud to live in such a place.


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