Friday, October 30, 2015

National Toy & Miniature Museum Kansas City--Miniatures

The miniature section at the National Toy &
Miniature museum is so much fun, it's like
 playing a game of  "I spy with my little eye".
Most of the miniatures are one inch to one
foot or 1/12 scale, some are smaller.  The
quality of the craftsmanship is mind boggling!
There is a dimly lit section you meander 
through, that has window after window of 
the most surprising things to see. 
A little antique shop.
Intricate iron work, wicker and upholstery
 on these sleighs & the dapple gray was gorgeous.
Painted wood carvings so tiny I 
could barely see them.
A cabinet dollhouse for a dollhouse.

Large display cases of silver, glass, pottery
instruments, furniture, paintings, carvings, 
basketry, wicker, metal work, tools, needlework's endless.

Beautiful painting on this cabinet.
Baroque Baby House.  Larger cabinet is 1/12
dollhouse scale, the smaller is 1/44 scale.

The Native American section has village dioramas of
 life on the plains, baskets, pottery & the tiniest bead work.
All 1/12 scale.

Odette from Swan Lake, her costume
was so intricate and delicate.
Remember, this is dollhouse
 size and smaller!
Such teeny weeny stitches!

 How small were the knitting needles
& crochet hooks that stitched these?

 Last, but not least & just in 
time to wish you....
I hope you've enjoyed a little peek into
the extrodinary miniatures section.  I had
several of my followers in mind when I took
the photos......sure wish you all could have 
been there to enjoy them with me!
Final post from the T&M Museum 
will be the amazing architectural dollhouses.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

National Toy & Miniature Museum-Toys & Dolls

On my recent trip to Kansas City I stopped by to visit the
 newly renovated National Toy & Miniature Museum.
This is just a tiny sampling........
Sorry for the quality of the photos, my time was
 limited.  The lighting & focus was a nightmare for my camera
that's on it's last leg...time to talk to Santa about a new one.
I have provided links to some items on the T & M 
Museum website if you would like to see better photos.
(click the tiny photo to enlarge when you get there)
 The Coleman Dollhouse-1864
Coleman Dollhouse 
The Isabella Frazier Dollhouse-1870
 Most are very grand, but

I was so drawn to this simple colorful bungalow.
Annie Horatia Jones Dollhouse-1860
So much to see in the kitchen...
Who's the boss of the stairs?
 I am especially fond of wooden dolls so
I lingered in this section.
Wonderful Grodnertal peg dolls in Welsh costumes.
The gentlemen are so tall and properly dressed.
So tiny to fit inside this velvet lined walnut shell.
This large Grodnertal Tuck Comb is 
a stunner in her exquisite silk dress.
Amazing carved detail, beautifully painted
and in pristine condition. 
Wonderful costumes on these carved dolls.
 Rooms of dolls, furniture, dishes etc.
 A full wardrobe & a fine chatelaine.
A lovely china lady.
A simple chromium yellow pleated calico 
dress with a deep hem & blue velvet trim.
A pretty paper mache with teeny tiny cartridge pleating.
Steiff dolls and animals galore.
Simple cloth dollies.
 Rooms of toys from marbles to pedal cars.
This handmade German Noah's ark is from the 1860's.
Some things never really change.
Hope you enjoyed the peek! 
Next post is the miniatures.