Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sadie Visits The Cabin

Our grand dog Sadie loves a long road trip.
Especially when the destination is the cabin
 for a visit with her cousin Cappy.
 For a city girl, this is a chance to run free 
and swim in the creek.
Stick fetchin'
and squirrel chasin' are favorite sports.

Of course, there's plenty of porch
sittin' and yard guardin' too.
 Here in southern Missouri the native wild Passion Flower or
Maypops are in full bloom.  Their wonderful scent fills the air
and makes our walks especially pleasurable.

 The old timers made jams and jellies
from the egg shaped citrus flavored fruit.
 We always enjoy time with our grand dog!
(Our daughter too!)
We've had plenty of rain in August
so it's still lush and green in southern
Missouri but,
Fall is just around the corner........

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Miss Alyssa

The fairy dollhouse has been delivered to Miss Alyssa.
Her mother says they are both having fun playing.
Miss Alyssa, I hope you and the fairies have
many memorable adventures!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Daisy Kingdom Doll & Sandra's Sewing Room

Repairs are finished & the
sewing room is back to normal! 
I recently came across a Daisy Kingdom
doll dress panel, that I am ashamed to 
say, has been in my stash of projects
 since the early 90's. 
Daisy Kingdom dolls and dress panels
were sold at fabric & craft stores.
I had a panel but, no doll.  I found this
sweet little red head on e-bay.    
The panels have printed fabric
 pieces & easy to follow directions.
 Just cut and sew.
As you know, machine sewing isn't my 
favorite thing to do, but I managed to 
keep my heavy foot in check!
(Picking out those hot pink
 sneakers was my favorite part!) 
I packaged Daisy up and sent her to
Miss Ava to go with the antique bed
I took on my last visit.  The first thing
Ava did was remove all her clothing 
and put her to bed.........naked!
Who knew?
Sandra at "Sandra's Sewing Room"
has a collection of the Daisy Kingdom 
dolls and their beautiful clothing.
Please stop by her blog & learn more 
about these collectible adorable dollies!
Sandra's Sewing Room
Happy (machine) Sewing!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Around The Cabin

A lot is happening in the loft sewing room.
The latest storm resulted in some obvious 
damage as well as some hidden damage.  So, 
the hubs is refinishing the door, rebuilding 
the step & replacing the threshold.
Sewin's on hold till the clean ups done.
I have resorted to more porch sittin',
 fresh lemonade drinkin' and critter watchin'.
I love lazy summer days!