Friday, July 17, 2015

Finished Fairy Dollhouse #2

I finished the second fairy dollhouse.
Summer has been so busy around the
cabin it took me longer than expected.
 Cleaning supplies and
gardening tools; a must have
in every fairy home.
When the criks' too cold, a warm sudsy
 bath in the ole' tin tub is in order.
This very sturdy crooked chair was another 
flea market find.  I remember the price tag
was $1.00 and I thought it was too expensive so
 put it back on the shelf.  Just before I left the
shop I decided to purchase it anyway.
When I got it home I discovered the
writing on the bottom of the ole' tin seat.
Auaust Hufstepler
Van Buren MO
May 2 1964
Made at the age of 86
Great piece of our local history & it really
shows how important it is to sign our creations
& what a bargain!

I found these Mooska dolls on
the clearance rack at Target. Only one
fairy, but she'll have lots of friends.
Sturdy little dolls just Ava's size.

 Cute, colorful & I didn't have
to tackle makin' fairies. Yee Haw!
Taria and Fox enjoying tea & sweets.
Simple bedding from the
30's fabrics.  The reverse fabric
matches the borders. 
More Ozark porch sittin', I'm beginning to
think fairies are kinda lazy.
A sleep over with all your friends
is a fairy good time.
 Girl talk and a bird's eye view. 
I really enjoyed putting this fairy house together.
All the color makes it a cheerful happy home &
Little Red Hen's "roof" quilt is the
 frosting on the cake!!!


  1. I'm a little jealous of Ava. I want to play with this doll house!

  2. Your Fairy houses are adorable and I know you had a lot of fun with this project. It is fun to feel like a kid again...I know from experience, ♥

  3. Love it! Love it! I'm feel the way Jan does ~ I want to play there too! All the sweet decorations and furniture are perfect for this house. Thanks for the mention:)

  4. This house is totally cute. The little fairy's are sweet. they have a great house and this is a little girl's dream doll house. Attention to detail and all the little extra's are wonderful. I know you are glad to get it finished, but a little sad to stop working on it too and I know it took alot of time and effort to create such a great little house with all the furnishings. I have said it before, your attention to detail is amazing no matter what you are working on, everything you make has that absolutely complete look, with nothing missing.

  5. And, they lived happily ever after! Of course, they would in a home where everything is just picture perfect. What a great job you and your best helper have done with this one. Now, wondering what will be next....

  6. I really have enjoyed looking at Fairy House # 2. I love how you decorate and make it so special. A gift to truly be treasured. I have come back to look again and again; trying not to miss any of the details.

  7. So beautiful and fun! It makes us wish we were fairies and could live, or at least visit! Porch sitting is great, but roof sitting! OMG, a must do on everyone's bucket list.

  8. Hello! Thanks so much for commenting on my doll blog! I had to come over here to see what you've been creating, and MY! I am so glad I did! I love this fairy doll house! It is so beautiful! All the details are so adorable! The Swedish dining set is amazing and the butter churn! I need a butter churn!
    Beautiful work!

  9. What a glorious Fairy Cabin! The colorful furnishings make it so bright and cheerful indeed! I love the little quilt on the rooftop and it's a good thing you purchased the dollar chair. Just think you would have missed out on a sweet little creation.
    Thank-you for sharing my posts that others can read all about it :)

    PS Was away for a few days....and am now catching up on my blog reading.


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