Friday, June 5, 2015

Furniture For Fairy House #2

This dollhouse has a "make do"
 mixed lot of  flea market furniture, 
some pieces in need of repair, all 
could use sanding & new paint.  
 Three coats of paint with a fine 
sanding in between.
To my relief, the detail painting was so easy, I
 just followed the embossed lines.  I used dark 
wax to antique the pieces, then followed with a 
final coat of clear Briwax & a good buffing.
 I glued some small scraps to the tiny 
furniture and coated the pieces with
 decoupage varnish before waxing.
I was going for a colorful shabby look 
with a very old patina.  I got a bit too
 heavy with the antiquing (my hands got
 tired during this process), but the 
furniture is definitely colorful!

Some red and white ticking for the bedding.
 You couldn't see the full pattern before.
The house is beginning to fill up!
I'm delighted to find a home
for this dust catcher.............
It just fits!
 Time for bedding and rugs from these 
colorful 30's prints.
I wonder what accessories I'll find for this 
house in the dollhouse boxes??
We are having a cool wet spring
here in the Ozarks!


  1. the furniture is very pretty the way you have restored it. It looks great in the house. Lots of work. The stove is nice too with the pots and pans on it. Your new fairy's will be cooking up a storm on it. Great work.

  2. Oh my, I am so impressed with your painting of all the tiny details! (And, you said you can't paint!) The brightly painted furnishings will be a perfect contrast to the barn wood walls of the oh-so-wonderful Ozarks fairy cabin. When is open house? :-)

  3. Everything is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so very impressed with your work and attention to detail!!! Thank you for sharing these darling doll houses!!!!

  4. Your house and furniture just take my breath away! Renews my wishes for a dollhouse! You did wonderful work with it all. Now to fill it with little people.

  5. I love what you have been doing with your Fairy House #2. You did amazing work on the painting of such small furniture. The layout looks great. What fun you must have finding new treasures to place inside. The red and white ticking make for great bedding. I look forward to seeing more of your rugs and quilts too. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us.

  6. The house if really coming together. Love the detail work and I know it's hard on your hands, but the fairies are worth it! Don't you think! The fabrics are perfect! Can't wait to see what else you create.

  7. How adorable your furniture is! You did a lovely job and you inspire me! I have a doll house that I just started working on.........but need to pay more attention to.

  8. Such fun furniture for your dollhouse . Can't wait to see the beautiful fabric turned into pillows,rugs etc. Blessings You are so talented and creative!

  9. It looks like you are having a whole lot of fun! Doll house is coming along very nicely!


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