Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fairy Dollhouse #2 Accessories

I found plenty of accessories for this larger
dollhouse stashed away in my dollhouse boxes.
 Thank you hubs for another cutting board. 
 The mini butter churn is breakable, but 
I'm giving it a home anyway.
More treen ware in a larger size.

 These plastic realistic accessories are called
 Re-ment & made in Japan for fashion dolls
like Barbie, in the larger 1/10 scale.

 They look good enough to eat.
 Woodland plastic fairy glasses.
Silverware in a tray & a Re-ment 
strawberry cake.
Plenty of room left to
add the little jam jars. 
I ordered some tiny decals on Etsy
to jazz up this plain metal canister set.
This will hang next to the stove.
This 1950's Japanese mini tin stove 
fit right in with the mini furniture.
Fairies need toys too.

Hopefully, I'll have the rugs 
and bedding done next week.
What projects are you working on?


  1. Super cute things for the house. I think you have made sure the little fairy's will have a fully stocked house. Everything is just perfect. The tiny canisters, the little glasses, the stove, just wonderful. You might have to add on to the house, so many fairy's will want to live there.

  2. What fun it would be to arrange and rearrange the furnishings in this lovely home! I am with Martha on this one - may be time to add on to the house. I know you have had a ton of fun with the fairy houses...and so have we!

  3. The cake looks good enough to eat! Everything looks so good and very livable for some lucky fairies. Who wouldn't want a home with all the latest gadgets, decorated to the nines! My favorite is the 1950 Japanese stove. Too cute!

  4. It's full of charm and so inviting. The yellow furniture is perfect. Love all the added accessories and I'm sure the little ones will enjoy playing with this sweet doll house.

  5. So sweet and charming. Right now I am busy outside working my gardens and I am trying to crochet a baby sweater for a grand niece that will arrive in October!


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