Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Finished Fairy Dollhouse

I've put the finishing touches 
on the fairy dollhouse. 
 I captured a second fairy; an easy scoop
into my net when she ventured too close to
 the wisteria, that vines along the back porch 
rails.  No doubt she was drawn to the scent 
of the blooms that hang below.

The wee girls recognized one another immediately.
They look so much alike, they could be sisters.

The little cabin has been a buzz with their
 high pitched chatter as they've spent the day 
exploring their new home.  
The roof quilt will be a comfy spot for 
some star gazin' and listenin' to the rhythmic 
songs of the crickets, or moon bathin' after a 
late night dip in the crik'.

The windows provided a full hour 
of sheer amusement.
A tight squeeze!
I saw lots of jumping on the beds.  I think there
 was a squabble over who would get the softest 
mattress, until they realized they were the same.
(Now, I'm sure they're sisters!) 

 I was relieved to see them pet the ladybugs & feed 
them watercress from their lunchtime sandwiches.
What's that ole' bed time sayin'?
"Sleep tight & don't let the bed bugs bite!"
After a peek in every nook, cranny, cabinet &
cupboard, it was time fora  cup of sassafras tea.  
They were so busy chatting away, they let the
 kettle boil dry.....twice!

They took flight down the bluff toward the Swan Creek.
When they returned, they placed a hag stone by
the front door.  A sure sign they intend to stay.
Hag Stones-An Ozark Superstition

Porch sittin' is a popular pastime in the Ozarks, especially 
if it's rainin'.  The perfect setting for a game of checkers
or just relaxin' and countin' up your many blessins'.
The hubs and I do lots of late evenin' porch sittin'. 
The fairies and their home will soon be packed up
for a short move to live with Miss Alyssa, my
step sister Melinda's, grand daughter.  I want to thank
my other step sister, Kathleen, for donating the barn 
wood for the project, from an old barn on their family 
property.  Alyssa's mother is a school teacher &
her father works for the Missouri Conservation Dept.
They have a love of nature, so the fairies will no 
doubt feel welcome in their home.
Ozark fairies are delicate things, just in case they 
aren't sturdy enough for play,  I captured a couple
city fairies running loose in the isles of the Dollar Store.
Fingers crossed they can adjust to a rustic country life!
 Blogger friends are very special! 
Thank you ladies for sticking with me through another
lengthy project.  I am always encouraged by your
faithful support and your kind gracious comments. 
I wish you all could come and play with me!!
Time to work on the second fairy 


  1. The Fairy Cabin will surely be a little girls delight. The fairy's are so pretty and the cabin is so full of color and fun things to look at. You did a fantastic job putting this all together; both you and your husband. I imagine you might be missing it just a bit after you send it off. I am happy that you have a second cabin to fix up and keep for yourself. I look forward to seeing all that you will do to create more fairy magic.

  2. I love stories with happy endings, so you know I have enjoyed this one, for sure. It has been a blast following along, and finally seeing your pretty little Ozark fairies settled into their wonderful new dream home. It would be fun to come do some porch sittin' with you, "relaxin' and countin' up our many blessings."

  3. How very sweet the doll house and dolls are. So nice for everyone to donate to you! I love your wisteria!


  4. Your doll house it's fabulous!!!! It would be fun to play with our dolls and chat on your front porch in the Ozarks. Love your stories of the Ozarks...I live in 'Iowa" and we are front porch sitters too!

    Always enjoy your pictures and posts!

    xoxox, Carolyn

  5. I'm always excited to see a new post from you, and this time I surely wasn't disappointed! So much fun to see what you've done with the little people and their home: tiny quilts, dresses, rugs, just to name a few. This makes me want to put away the quilt blocks and play with dolls. :)

  6. This is one of the most delightful projects I've watched come to life! You really should consider writing a children's illustrated "Fairy Book" with your creations. Letting the tea kettle boil dry twice, ha, that sounds like me and my cat makes sure to let me know the whistle is blowing!

    I will miss this little Fairy House and will be anxiously awaiting the next.

  7. Sweet little fairy's. the city fairy's are cute too. You have such a great way to tell the story of your fairy doll house and it's new tenants. I think you are inspiring all of us to just stop what we are doing and make some fairy's. You and your husband have made a beautiful doll house that Miss Alyssa will love.

  8. My, the wee girls have been busy and so happy to hear they are settling into their new home. And they've already been to the creek for a hag stone, adding their own touches. I would recommend being careful at the round windows. Don't want to get stuck! Love your stories!

    I had a great weekend and miss you already! Can't wait til we get together next year at your house and continue our porch sitting.


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