Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Captured Ozark Hill Fairy

 In the early mornin' hours, armed with a Mason
 jar, fairy net & plenty of patience, I headed out in
 search of the elusive Ozark hill fairy.
 Out amongst the Spirea I spotted a small
  female.  She was captivated with the
 lovely blooms & not on her guard. 
Her color is a strikingly vivid blue & she's 
about 5 inches in height.  Just the right size
for the vacant dollhouse.
 Bare feet, pigtails & freckles.
 She seems a happy little creature.
 Her wings are very sparkly.  A bit more bling
 than I expected to find in a simple county
 fairy.  Life is certainly full of surprises!
I've spotted some others............


  1. "I love your little fairy. I am sure she will be happy in her new home; and maybe with some other fairies for company."

    You did such a great job on her. I love her long hair, and such a fancy dress! So much detail. You have a wonderful imagination and talent to create such a sweet thing.

  2. I'm glad you had a lot of patience! She was worth the early morning catch of the day. Beautiful blue fairy. I love her sweet outfit and wings.

  3. Oh, I want to come hunt with you for an Ozark Hill Fairy! (Only you would think of this! What fun!) After her initial fright, she's going to settle down and love living in that gorgeous fairy house. Your creative side is shining through on this one...love, love the blue!

  4. What a beautiful little fairy. Love her blue colors and sparkly wings. You got lucky on your first hunt and I am sure you will find some more to keep this little fairy company. After they see the house you built for them, you might have some over crowding.

  5. Oh Sherry you did such a fantastic job on your incredible Ozark hill fairy, I feel into your story, I think I was there with you feeling the cool dew under my feet!! I would LOVE to come and see the the great Ozark,

  6. Sherri, she's sooo sweet! (I'm seeing her after the email from you) Her face is adorable! What wonderful imagination you have, catching her with a net and putting her in the jar to take her to the new house. Please catch another one!

  7. I will have to look in my neck of the woods for any lingering fairies, LOL. Amazing creation you "are" the ultimate doll maker and fairy maker. Connie

  8. Isn't she precious! Just the right size and I love the color and splattering of freckles! And more to follow....Oh I can't wait.


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