Friday, March 20, 2015

Decorating The Inside Of The Hillbilly Fairy Dollhouse

 In my mind, a proper fairy house should be decorated
with moss, vines, have rustic twig furniture & found
objects, but this dollhouse is for a little girl to "play"
with, so I have "forced" myself to keep simplicity and
practicality in mind.  This house is 24 inches tall by
14 1/2 inches wide including the porch.  The rooms
are 18 1/2 inches wide by 10 3/4 deep.
I like the simple rustic interior and decided not to
paint or wallpaper.  I had some decoupage German
scraps of little fairies that I glued around the walls.
Then I applied 2 coats of clear satin varnish to the
interior and ceilings for durability.  Water will find
it's way into the dollhouse.  How can you serve tea
without some water?
The little fairies add a splash of color
and are in keeping with the theme.
When the hubs brought the house indoors,
it had a ladybug on the roof.
 That gave me an idea.
I had a few scrap lady bugs left over from a prior
project, so I dotted them around in secret places.
These ladies are marching along the ceiling
 of the kitchen.

It's plain and simple.  When my daughter
and nieces played in the Blue dollhouse, the
 curtains were often in a heap on the floor as 
they got in the way......I have a feeling the 
fairies will be flying through the windows 
so, no curtains.   The Blue House  
The colorful bedding and braided rugs
 I'm working on will brighten it up!
 A few things to do in the kitchen too.
The hubs gave me a surprise......apparently there was
just enough wood for another house!

He was very proud.  He'd found a fairy door
knocker at Hobby Lobby.  How cute is that!
 This one has a sliding latch.
This house is slightly larger at 28 inches tall by
16 inches wide including the porch.  
 Rooms are 19 1/2 inches by 10 3/4 inches.
Thank ya' hubs.  You're a keeper!
I have the perfect furniture for this one.
Eventually I'll get to the fairies.
Hopefully, I can figure the directions out.
In the mean time, take a peak at Peggy Flavin's
latest lovely fairies........she is my inspiration!
Spring has arrived in Missouri.
Yee Haw!


  1. Fairy's flying around, how appropriate. I would have to agree about the curtains. Any self respecting fairy wants to fly out the window at a moments notice. And the lady bugs are just right! (I'm living with a few in my house right now) What a surprise to have a second house. The details are amazing. What fun you will have decorating 2. Enjoy!

  2. I wish my husband would build a house like this for me. It is awesome! You are going to have so much fun with the two houses. Glad Spring in arriving in your neck of the woods!

  3. Those fairy houses are so wonderful. A dream come true. You have decorated them so well. I hope you will show updates as I would love to follow along.

  4. How wonderful your husband was thoughtful enough to make you a second fairie house. Both are fine houses. I do love the round windows. You will have fairies every where. I hope you have a ton of fun with them,

  5. As Tigger would say, "Fun, fun, fun, fun!" Clothespin dolls would love a house like this too. Did you buy the furniture already made? Looking forward to more decorating ideas.

  6. I really wouldn't mind living in this hillbilly fairy house myself! Wouldn't breakfast be a treat served on that darling little table! I notice House #2 (lucky you) has upstairs windows ~ pretty little round ones, too! I would love to come knocking on that little door!

  7. Sherri, I just love your fairy house! It is perfect place for fairies to live . I know you will make great little fairies. You make the most wonderful cloth dolls!!

  8. Wha an awesome treat! Just love the rustic feelings to the house. Your so blessed to have such a talented hubby!

  9. Girl, you are having way too much fun with this. And I'm a little jealous! :~D I love the Fairy decos--so sweet!


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