Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Dog, A Frog & Fairies?

When I started my blog back in 2011, I began making
paper castings of the Brown Bag molds hanging on the
 beams in my kitchen.  Spot The Dog and Beatrix Potter's
 Jeremy Fisher are the very last two & a couple of my
favorites (I think I've said that before!).  I sure hope you've
 enjoyed seeing them along the way, but I'm a bit sad
to be done.
Spot The Dog-1988
6 in. tall
4 1/2 in. wide
Jeremy Fisher-1997
6 in. tall
 6 1/4 in. wide
There are well over 100 molds I don't have, so I suppose
I can go on collecting the rest of my life!  I don't get out
as often as I used to & frankly, I rarely see them anymore.
E-Bay has loads of them, but as a collector, all the fun is in
the finding.  Maybe I'll run across one now and again.
During my flea market cookie mold hunting excursions,
on a very rare occasion I would come across doll house
 furniture I just couldn't resist........30 years of very rare
can sure add up!  However, I have no dollhouses nor any
dollhouse dolls.
One of the blogs I follow is Peggy Flavin's
 Dolls In The Neatest Manner
She makes beautiful little felt fairy headbands.
Her 2 post links below:
I couldn't resist purchasing the the book she suggests.

 This has given me an idea, so, I asked the Hubs this question.
"If I scrounge up some old barn wood, could you
build a simple, sturdy, playable, rustic looking, hillbilly 
fairy dollhouse, with 2 floors that this furniture fits in?
(From an earlier post.)
East German Dollhouse Furniture 

He said, "Sure, I could probably do that".
So, I rushed right out and found some barn wood.
We shall see..............


  1. You have certainly educated me in Brown Bag molds, which I have enjoyed so much. Now if I should find one, I will, at least, recognize it. I agree with your statement, "All the fun is in the finding." I remember well the excitement I felt when I found my first two little Skookum Indian dolls standing on a dusty shelf in a poorly lit old antique shop.

    A rustic looking hillbilly fairy dollhouse...I have a feeling this is going to be good! My favorite book on dollhouses is "Tasha Tudor's Dollhouse ~ A Lifetime in Miniature."

  2. Oh Sherri, I'll be so envious of your dollhouse! (I've wanted one for years and years!) And being made from barn wood, by your husband, will make it very special. As for the "we shall see..." I hope it's soon and I'll be watching for the house!

  3. I like the molds too. The paper is beautiful. A doll house will be a lot of fun for you and your husband will probably have fun making it for you. Barnwood is so pretty. We have lots of old barnwood frames for the primitive paintings. I will love to see your doll house when you get it.

  4. I know you, Sherri, and I know you will always have 1 eye scanning when you are out and about to see if you can spy any molds. Even if you already have that one, there will be a smile on your face, "Ah, I know that one well". NEVER stop looking, that IS the fun. And I can't wait to see the unveiling of the hillbilly house. I bet hubby is have a great time being creative with it.


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