Monday, January 26, 2015

New York

Daughter & I are back from a trip to New York, just in
time to avoid the big snowstorm headed for the East
coast.  Not proper planning, just dumb luck!  We stayed in
the heart of Manhattan at the Mansfield Hotel located on
historic Club Row, about 3 blocks from Times Square. 

The reason for the trip, was for Leann to have a
private session at the Circus Warehouse & shop
the garment district for costume fabrics.

A walk through Times Square as we headed to the
fashionable garment district......sensory overload.
So many fabric shops! 

Trim shops.
Ribbon shops.
Beads & feather shops.
 Two days of walking, shopping
 & eating.  My legs hurt, but we're 
having so much fun.
Button shops too........not a single bolt of reproduction
cotton, vintage buttons or trim anywhere!
A night time stroll through Times Square........
total sensory overload!!

We went to the Eugene O'Neill Theatre to see
the satirical comedy The Book Of Morman.
We laughed till tears ran down our face, very funny! 

With lessons finished and fabrics procured, day three was
leisurely strolling 5th Avenue and seeing the sites. 
The New York City Library.
Bryant Park.
The American Girl store.

Rockefeller Center.
St. Patrick's Cathedral.
We peeked in the windows of the pricey
exclusive shops.  
Trump Towers.
 FAO Schwartz Toy Store.
A window in the Macy's, everything
 hanging on it's side!

We saw Chicago at the Ambassador Theatre.
A highlight for us.

The last day started with breakfast at the
Russian Tea Room.  Elegant and quiet.
New York is sooooo loud!  Too many people,
too much traffic & horns were installed in cars
so New Yorkers could honk them, constantly!
We took the subway to Penn Station to meet up with
Leann's former roomie, Michelle, who lives on
Long Island. 
Michelle & Leann danced together professionally
and Michelle is an accomplished competitive
ballroom dancer.

Figuring out the subway map.  We made our
way to Highline Park and the 9/11 memorial.

The Freedom Tower was covered in fog.
Near fire station #10.

The 9/11 Memorial Fountains.  Peaceful, but sad.
Michelle took us to Baked By Melissa, where we picked
out a dozen tiny little cupcakes in different delicious flavors.
Cupcakes, coffee and a selfie!

We headed back uptown to Tony DiNapoli's, for a
 delicious authentic Italian dinner.  We had a great day
 catching up with Michelle!
 New York is a great place to visit but, as we headed
for the airport I was smiling and humming this tune...........

Green acres is the place for me
Farm living is the life for me
Land spreading out so far and wide
Keep Manhattan -  just give me that countryside!


  1. Ahhh, but it's good to get away once in a while so you have the great pleasure of coming home. Not a single bolt of reproduction cotton...New Yorkers have no taste! But, those of us back on the farm surely did enjoy a glimpse of city life. I was most touched by Firestation #10, but my favorite photo is of a happy mother and daughter making some priceless memories together. Is that your hand knitted walkin' scarf extending beneath your coat just a tad? Perfect for Manhatten or for the country side.

  2. What a wonderful week you had. Thank you for sharing your trip. I doubt I will ever go to New York and I really enjoyed seeing the pictures and you and your daughter and her friend having such a good time. I know you got tired, but you did so many great things in the short days you were there. It is great that you and Leann could make this trip together, share all these sites and get a look at things in the big city, so different where you or I live. I know you were glad to come back to your sweet peaceful home too. I am glad your hand is better and hope you will enjoy getting back to sewing. I always look forward to seeing what you are making and your posts are always so fun to read.

  3. I am smiling at your comments over on my like this country girl. I have never been to New York, so really can't even imagine, I am sure. I, too, am perfectly happy walking the backwoods trails here in the Ozarks. Glad you are home!

  4. What an amazing trip. I can see why it was such a sensory overload for ones eyes! Lovely fabric, trims and notions. I'm glad you had a wonderful time in New York. What a difference between your quiet cabin life!

  5. Wow, what a trip and sooo many memories, in so few day!. Glad you got to go and with Leann. I don't think I could do it. So big, so much noise, (I don't even listen to the radio in my car! Talk about sensory overload!) But there are so many interesting and amazing things to see in New York. Ok, well maybe I would go, now that I think about it, but with someone younger, who doesn't get befuddled easy (like me), that can think on their feet and keep me from bolting. Love you and glad you had fun.


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