Thursday, February 27, 2014

Duo Artis In Russia & Matryoshka Dolls

I am in Kansas City staying with my 2 year old
great niece for the week, while her parents take 
a vacation to the island of St. Lucia.  Back soon.
Leann & Simmone have returned from a three week 
visit to his home in Russia.  I wanted to show a few photos 
of their trip.  No long Russian words!
Simmone met Leann when she arrived in St. Petersburg.
 and they spent a couple of days sightseeing.
A famous street.
Underground subway, bright and clean and very
empty at the time.
Russian confection perfection.
The Czars Winter Palace is now a national museum.
Chandeliers & a music box.
 The gold figures move to the music.
Marble walls.
The marble column room, every Czar needs a room of
marble columns!
A huge flower vase.  Obviously, no expense
was spared.
They took an overnight train to Cherepovets,
 Simmone's home town.
The Founding Fathers of Cherepovets.
Quaint buildings along the main street.
They spent one day at Simmons grade school, where the students
in English class asked Leann questions about America.  They 
were interviewed at the local television station & performed 
a special adagio dance.  Simmone is quite the celebrity in his home 
town.  They drove to a small village where Simmone's grandfather
lives, to celebrate his 80th birthday.
Along the way they stopped to see a famous Monastery.
They took a trip to Moscow.
Coffee $8.00.
Beautiful Russian architecture.
They visited a 3 story underground mall that had 
stained glass domes.
This dome was a map.
Hamming for the camera at the mall
Red Square and the Kremlin.
This department store is 120 years old.
St. Basil's Cathedral.
Lenin's Tomb.
Window shopping.
The Royal Opera House, home of the Bolshoi Ballet.
A taste of home, the McDonald's headquarters.
They had a wonderful time & Simmone's family
made her feel so welcomed.
 She brought home several matryoshka dolls as gifts for
 family and friends.  The original matryoshka wooden nesting
 dolls were carved in 1892 by folk artist Zvezdochkin and 
painted by Malyutin.  They wore the traditional peasant 
dress called a sarafan.  
Photo below from the Sergiev Posad Museum of Toys.
Today, they are still made the same way, but can be
painted in a variety of themes.  Leann purchased these
hand painted dolls from different booths at a local craft
fair.  She brought me this winter holiday themed set.
The Russian version of Santa Claus is called Ded
Moroz, which translates to Father Frost.  His
Granddaughter and helper is called Snegurochka,
or Snow Maiden.  She is dressed in silvery blue robes
and wears a white snowflake like crown.

She's beautifully painted.
Each successive dolls is painted with a winter scene.

The backs are beautifully painted too.
Every set is different.  She said it was so hard to choose!
This set is a Russian folk tale about a pancake that takes a trip.
 He meets a rabbit, a bear, a cat and a fox. The fox eats the pancake.
 Folktales are gruesome all over the world!

This set is gold with wood burning.
Beautiful blues.
The traditional set for children.
A different face on each girl.
 Beautiful dolls painted by very talented Russian folk artists.
I am so thrilled with my Snow Maiden doll, thank you Leann!

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