Sunday, December 7, 2014

Little Lula Bea Butternut

Lula Bea is the latest dolly in the Ozark Butternut
 clan.  Lula Bea was so small when she was born,  her
Ma & Pa used the hankie drawer from the bedroom 
bureau as her bed.  She even had a special place near 
the fire so she would stay warm.  Although many of the
 elder Butternut's didn't think she'd survive, thrive she did.
 She didn't grow very tall & she's skinny as a
bean pole, but she's always been full of energy &
 mischief.  As a child, she could shimmy up a tree the 
highest & showed no fear when noodlin' at the creek.
She was braver than the bravest Butternut boys.
Lula Bea is 16 inches tall & stuffed 
with cedar shavings. 
Her eyes are the last 2 wooden buttons
 given to me by Cinder.  Simple stitched
 face with rosy cheeks.
Her undies are flannel.  With no fat on 
her bones, she feels the bitter winter cold.
Button loops and matching green 
china pie crust buttons.
 Lula Bea always wears her bonnet when 
she's out in the wind, as she is prone
 to ear aches.  Her quilted button bonnet 
has 2 white china buttons.

Lula Bea has a good apron & a 
calico work apron.
 Very pretty cotton reproductions fabrics 
& vintage cotton lace.  To the Butternut
ladies, it's not about matching, it's all 
about lovely prints!
(Plum & 2 shades of red?)
Her waist is about 5 inches around, that's 
what happens when you just wing it.
Lula Bea is hand stitched.
I hope you enjoyed seeing her as
much as I enjoyed making her!
 I've added her to my For Sale page.
I'm still working on the other dolly, but
now it's time for a little bit of Christmas
decorating to put me in the mood.

Happy Sewing!


  1. I"m not sure which I love more, the doll or the story! (And, yes, I had to click to learn about "noodlin.") I'm with the Butternut ladies when it comes to lovely prints, especially red ones. I'm looking forward to seeing the cabin decked out for the season... it just might give me a bit of inspiration to do a wee bit here.

  2. Always, when I see a new post from you, I quickly come here to see what you've made. And as always, I wasn't disappointed this time for sure! Sooo cute!!

  3. This little doll is cute as can be. Love her button eyes and small smile. Her clothes are of course pretty too.

  4. I had never heard of "noodlin" before so I had to look and see what it was.
    The story and the little doll are lovely! I am in love with her!

  5. I love Lula Bea! Her face has so much character--who would think that was possible with a couple of buttons and a little thread? I know what noodlin' is, but have never done it. :~)

  6. Oh my, I love Lula Bea, and what a story teller you are! Next time you are up this way, you will have to go through my button jar again. I can't wait to met your next Ozark Butternut Clan member.

  7. I LOVE those button eyes and that bonnet too! Sweet doll!


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