Sunday, November 16, 2014

Father Tuck's Fairy Land Panoramic Series & Dolly Bonnet

We've been very busy this past week getting ready
 for old man winter's arrival.  Snow is in the forecast
for today!  All I managed to get done was the little
 dolly's bonnet.
I thought you'd enjoy a look at this set of 6
 push out postcards.  They were sold in 1930,
 from original paintings by A. L. Bowley.

Aren't they sweet?


  1. Well, I'd say you have had quite a productive week! Dolly's bonnet is wonderful! Ahhh, the fairy tales. Yes, they are so sweet. We grew up with these characters...right? I wonder if today's children have even heard of them. Of course, I must choose a favorite...tough...Beauty and the Beast!

  2. I love this! The colors are rich but soft, and the costumes! Period-looking without the Disney-fication. Your wee dolly will love her new bonnet.

  3. Yes, the cards are very sweet. I was nicely surprised with the picture post card depiction of characters. They are different from what we see today, especially those little dwarfs! So adorable.

    Your doll's bonnet is beautiful. It takes time to make such lovely work.
    I'm eager for the snow. I'm one of those gals who enjoys winter. Parts of Ohio received 14 inches...but here there was none! I'm sure you will be wrapped in a warm blanket close to your fireplace when the snow falls.

  4. The bonnet is beautiful and the ribbon so pretty. All the cards are pretty. I like the beast in these. He is neat with his big crown. I hope you will enjoy the snow too.

  5. I wish we still wore bonnets. I love them!


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