Friday, September 26, 2014

"Martha"- A Martha Bishop Rag Doll

I've finished stitching the clothing & bonnet for
 the rag doll made by Martha Bishop.  I've been 
calling her the "Martha doll" for so long, the
name has finally stuck.  So, let me introduce 
"Miss Martha".
Her face is reminiscent of the fine antique
 painted dolls.  She has a soft aged patina
& a sweet countenance.
 Dolly curls.
  Her dress is made from a vintage
homespun that Martha sent along with the doll.
  The fabric is so soft.  I did cartridge 
pleating & removed the basting stitches rather
than leave them in.  I used the same
wool lace as I used on the under garments. 
 Her fingers and feet
are so prim.
I nearly sewed the clothing onto Martha,
commonly done with old dolls, but
she actually has modern snaps underneath
the buttons.  I have a feeling Martha is going to
receive a great deal of attention, when my 
great niece visits.  Miss Ava loves to take a
 dolly's clothing off!
These are old worn painted wooden buttons
are from my friend Cinders button box.
 Her apron is a homespun mini check
with double Van Dyke trim.
Here's the link on how to make this trim.
Apron With Double Van Dyke Trim 
 She has plenty of undergarments, plain & fancy.

 I couldn't bear to cover these adorable feet.
I stitched a simple unlined Italian straw poke bonnet.
The silk ribbon is a chestnut brown, but it doesn't
show up properly in these photos.

She is a fine addition to the cabin.
Thank you Martha, she was so much fun to dress!
Martha Bishop Originals
Here are some of my favorite antique
one of a kind "rag" dolls.  To me, it's
fine folk art & nothing about these
dolls was raggedy when they were made!


Britannica Kids

AAAWT Main House Auctions




Happy Day!


  1. And, there's nothing "raggedy" about Miss Martha, for sure! She is a fine piece of folk art. The clothing you gave her is so, so fine.

  2. What a post! I got to see Sherri's incredible hand work, Miss Martha's lovely face, and lots of old handmade cloth dolls. And you are right--given the work that went into those old dolls, Raggedy was not an accurate term!

  3. I'm always so thrilled to come and find a post by you! There is something to learn each time. You've certainly dressed Martha well. I'm sure the real Martha will be thrilled.

  4. Thank you Miss. Martha! You are adorable!

    P.S. Sherri, thanks for sharing her with us :)


  5. She's lovely from head to toe! Loved the tutorial about van Dyke trim.......have filed that away fro future reference!

  6. I have tried to comment on your lovely work a couple of times. Miss Martha's clothes are just perfect for her. You are truly talented and a generous sharing person, making the clothes and then helping others to make them too.

  7. Greetings from Maine!
    Good morning, Sherri, I just happened upon your lovely blog while visiting Charlotte's...and I am so glad that I did! I just love dolls...and doll making! I will certainly be back soon for another visit!
    Sweet blessings,


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