Sunday, June 15, 2014

Busy Busy!

Even though I'm not a very good gardener, I do
 have a few iris.  They are extremely hardy and
thrive despite the fact I completely ignore them.
They are my favorite for sure.  
Lovely inside and out.

The hubs is ready to put the finishing touches on
 a small storage shed he's been building.  It needs 
handrails, staining, grass seed & a couple of shrubs.  
   The hubs picked the paint color.  He can't remember
the name, but we have dubbed it Baby Poop Brown.
We've been busy filling it up.  
 A little bird has been very busy too.

Finishing the doll bed inspired me to do something 
with this old cradle.  It's about 7 inches long 
and 5 1/2 wide.
It's actually a Swiss Reuge music box.
It plays Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo.  You can see a small
metal arm underneath the cradle.  As the
music plays, the cradle rocks.

 It wasn't working, so I took it apart, used a small soft
brush to clean away the dust and dirt & oiled it.
Works beautifully.

 I think this will be perfect for Miss Lucy's bears.
My eccentric neighbor gave me a vintage
metal dental cabinet with a porcelain top.
(Thank you Rufus, I love it)

A good sanding, a couple coats of paint 
& inexpensive art glass made it look
brand new.
 I resurrected the old monstrous 
80's bread box.
Rather funky looking, but handy in my 
work area.  I've already filled them up.
Aletha Mae's dress is in pieces and 
 ready for the needle.
What have you been up to?


  1. Oh my, you have been busy! We've left a trail of Baby Poop Brown sheds from Florida to Montana and back...good to know there are others. :~D Love your projects. (And the breadbox is not monstrous!)

  2. You have been busy! Love the old dental cabinet and the cradle too.
    I once wove a small cover and made sheets, pillow and ticking for my daughter's doll bed.
    She still keeps it as a treasure. It was great fun!

  3. Oh! I'm needing a rest now after reading how busy you have been! I'd love to see one of your tiny dolls in the cradle. Irises are the flowers I can always count on to bloom in my flower beds. I have way too many but hate to throw them out, knowing how much things like these cost to buy. I usually call them the poor woman's orchids.

  4. Great photography work, Sherri! Love the irises. One thing is for sure, there's always lots going on at Little Cabin Creations. You are going to enjoy that Baby Poop Brown storage shed!

  5. You have been busy. Love the dental cart, bread box and the small bed, so cute. Your husband did a wonderful job on the storage building. I know you needed it and will put it to good use. It is good to finish things we put off for long periods of time. I am glad to see all the things you have been doing. Love them all.


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