Monday, April 28, 2014

The Dogwood-Missouri's State Tree

Here in the Missouri Ozarks our state tree,
 the flowering Dogwood, is in full bloom.
Cappy & I took a walk down to the the bluff
edge, overlooking the creek, to enjoy the
the beautiful day.


We love spring in the Ozarks!


  1. What's not to love? I have always loved the light that comes through a tree canopy...nothing like it.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for posting these refreshing "Spring" pictures with us!

    Hugs, Carolyn

  3. The Dogwoods are putting on quite a show this year, for sure. I am wondering how you can make yourself stay inside this time of year, and would bet Cappy wonders the same thing!

  4. Cute doggie. the scenery is beautiful. We have dogwood trees here too. I have about three of them in the yard. they are very pretty. I know you are enjoying getting out and seeing all the green things.


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