Friday, April 25, 2014

Magical & Celestial Brown Bag Cookie Molds

I haven't posted any molds lately, I thought 
you'd enjoy these magical & celestial molds.
Magical Horse
height-5 1/4 in
width-5 1/4 in
Apple Blossom Fairy 
height-6 1/2in
width-6 in
Sun & Moon
height-4 1/4 in
width-5 3/4 in
Celestial Gift Tags-1994
height-5 1/2 in
width-5 1/2

I am working on undies for Aletha & enjoying
 this wonderful spring weather. 
 It's so hard to stay inside.
I hope it's nice where you live!


  1. I love your molds, they certainly make beautiful tags and ornaments Sherri. It is nice to have a "collection", the thrill is in the hunt,♥

  2. It is hard to stay inside at this time of year. I love your Apple Blossom Fairy...just perfect for springtime!

  3. these are all pretty molds. The gift tag molds are beautiful and would add a lot to any item you had that needed a fine label. I like them all. the sun and moon are very pretty. You are tempting me to get off the doll making for a little and make some molds.

  4. These are very interesting. Were these ever made from glass? I have a little glass object, which, after seeing these, wonder if it could be a mold. It has a little dog impression in it.

    Thank you for your sweet comments about my doll quilts and beds. I love to try to make dolls, but get discouraged when their faces don't turn out like I think they should. But the ones I have made are very special to me. At 73 years old, one would think I wouldn't care so much for dolls.

  5. It's starting to get hot here, but we're used to glad you're having wonderful weather--enjoy!!!

    Love the molds! Hard to pick a favorite, but I can think of about a hundred uses for the gift tag set. :~)


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