Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lucy's Petticoats & A Peek At My Workspace

I've made Miss Lucy 3 petticoats.
The first one is a flannel, with a vintage tiny 
seam tape for the tie and yellow cotton lace.

 The second is made from a bit of edging
left over from Maddy's petticoat.
 It has a shell button with a button loop.
Here is a prior tutorial on how to make one.
How To Make A Button Hole Loop 
 The 3rd petticoat has a tiny glass button with 
a tiny button loop.
 I made each petticoat slightly larger in the waist and
 longer in the length so I could stack them on top of 
one another.  (Thank you Dixie for that suggestion.)
 I plan to make Lucy an Izannah Walker
 style dress with a gauged skirt that hopefully 
will fan out over the petticoats.
Next is her chemise, but I haven't decided
on the style yet. 

 Many of the doll makers whose blogs I follow
show their workspace.  So, I thought I'd give
 you a peek at mine.  Most of my sewing gets 
done in my easy chair, it's close to the wood stove 
and TV.  I can stay warm and listen to a movie 
while I stitch.  
The hubby has his own workshop, so I claimed the 
upstairs loft and tiny spare bedroom as my space.  The
 best feature is the natural light, the door and 2 windows
 have no curtains.
This side of the loft has a storage area, small desk for 
non sewing projects, ironing board, monstrous blue 
dollhouse, bookcase & 2 house plants that continue
 to live, despite my neglect.
The other side has the sewing table my hubby made.

I love the handy thread drawer.
This is the small spare bedroom.
It has loads of storage space.  Doesn't
everything look neat and tidy? 
Odie, (short for odiferous) my pet puffer-fish bird.
 He's the perfect pet, he doesn't eat, drink or poop & 
 there's always a smile on his face.
Yes, it looks neat and tidy, but open the
 drawers and doors...............
No wonder I can't remember
what I have, nor find something when I need it!
I have got to get more organized!!
A closer peek at the framed embroidery from
Jan Hagara pre-printed kits.
This is Baxter, the real bird, he's 23.
 Happy Stitching!


  1. Wonderful post. Beautiful house. Loved all the pictures. You have great spaces to work and live in. I liked the puffer fish bird. Ha ha. so cute, and Baxter is a beauty and I know you enjoy him. It is wonderful to be able to surround yourself in unique things. I think it helps us to work, relax and create new things. Lucy is lucky to have such pretty unders. Love each one of them and they look so cute on her. thank you for the tour, I really enjoyed it.

  2. I always enjoy seeing where others work and play. What wonderful spaces you have - so bright and cheerful. I love your log cabin home! A doll wearing thick layers looks nice and has such a wonderful feel. But I have been known to get the final layer too small! This little doll is going to be very well dressed!

  3. Oh I love your sewing space and all the beautiful woodwork. Your work space sounds so cozy especially with that warm stove....and we mustn't forget the TV. No doubt the natural light helps those gorgeous plants. Your rooms look so neat and clean a far cry from what I have going on in my sewing room.

    Your doll's petticoats are beautiful as usual. I love the full petticoat...very nice. Thanks for sharing your space and Baxter too!

  4. I love your creative space!! No wonder you come up with so many cute and pretty creations!

  5. I'm loving your work space! with all the beautiful wood surrounding you. I'd love a log house, but we're too old to move a lifetime of stuff.

  6. I think my comment disappeared. At any rate, your space is incredible. Aside from being almost freakishly tidy (how do you DO that???) it's so full of gorgeous wood tones and warmth. Your home must be a wonder to visit.


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