Friday, February 7, 2014

Folk Doll & Yorky Brown Bag Molds

We've had plenty of snowy winter weather and frigid 
temperatures here.  I've been spending too much time 
by the fire watching old movies instead of sewing!
Here are a couple of cute molds.
Folk Doll-1988
height-7 1/2 in
width-4 1/4 in
height-6 1/2 in
width-4 3/4 in
This little mold will soon travel to Florida to
live with collector Cathy.  I know "Jazzy" will
be well loved!


  1. You do such a beautiful job with your molded papers. I love your collection!

  2. What a wonderful and fun collection and hobby! I just looked back at all of them :-) Time to get another movie out...more cold and snow!

  3. Both of them so cute. Judi is right, you do make beautiful paper molds.

  4. Love the rag doll, for obvious reasons, but love the Yorkie too--with a little creative painting, I could make him look like our mini-schnauzer Schultz! :~D Now, get to sewing, you.

  5. These are so cute! Hope you have warmer weather soon! Stay warm!


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