Friday, September 27, 2013

Origin Of The Brown Bag Cookie Molds

While walking through the streets of Boston's
China town in early 1982, Lucy Natkiel 
spotted a tray of beautiful molded almond cookies 
through the window of a small grocery store.  
Inspired by the intricate details of those oversized
 cookies, Lucy created Brown Bag Cookie Art molds.
The Good Luck Fish was the first Brown 
Bag cookie mold designed and produced by
Lucy in 1983.   
Beautiful Swan was introduced
in the first year of production and
was used as the advertising symbol.
Why the name Brown Bag?
"We have been asked over and over where
the name Brown Bag Cookie Art came 
from.  Actually, it evolved out of our philosophy
that the small, everyday things in our
lives should be as wonderful as possible.
What could be more ordinary than brown
bags?  What treat is more common than
cookies?  Let's take these humble things that
we almost take for granted and elevate them
to a level that they become art.  These
cookies are edible art to be enjoyed every
day, not just on special occasions."
Lucy Natkeil
Lucy designed well over 200 cookie molds until
her retirement in 2006.   The most sought after
molds today, were not very popular when
they were first produced so few were made.
A couple examples.

Cat With Bird-1983 
Lucy still designs beautiful cookie stamps and
 shortbread pans.  I have a couple of pans, not only 
are they beautiful, but they make the best 
shortbread, which just happens to be my hubby's 
favorite cookie with his English tea.
I purchased my first mold in 1983 at the
original issue price of $12.00. Eventually
the price was $18.00, a bit too pricey with a
growing family.  A few years later I began to see
 them at garage sales and flea markets for as little
 as 25 cents and my obsession began!
Good thing my kitchen has beams.........
the other sides are full too!
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sad Again

Sadly, my Mother has passed away.
Aletha Mae Coulter
January 27, 1932
September 18, 2013

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Birthday Greetings

It's my birthday, so I wanted to share 
some of my favorite Birthday postcards!

I will be spending my birthday visiting
with my mother.  She's been in the hospital
since mid August.  After 4 surgeries, she's
finally out of ICU, sitting up and talking.
I think that's a good birthday gift!