Friday, July 19, 2013

Polka Dots & Pachyderms

Polka dots and pachyderms just seem to go

 This little pachyderm just had to have
a dress & matching bow hand sewn from
 a reproduction 1930's cotton polka dot print.

Her fur is a lovely butter color viscose.
She's 8 1/2 inches tall, 5 way jointed & has
black glass eyes. She's been aged to perfection. 
The vintage buttons on the back
reminded me of big dots, the one's
in front match her dress.

Her favorite game is Tiddlywinks.
Her favorite song is "Polka Dots & Moonbeams"
  and she loves to dance the Polka.
Of course, her name is..................
Just for fun.
Learn about the history of the polka dot in fashion at:
Lady Jojos Blogspot Polka-Dot-Fever 1865-to-1950's

I've added Dottie to my "For Sale" page.



  1. Your elephant is delicious, you're very good!!!
    Hugs, Nicoletta

  2. Hi Sherri, Dottie is just the sweetist little elephant ever. so precious. Love the poka
    dot dress. I love poka dots anyway, and your is fabulous, as always. The hair bow is darling.

  3. Very sweet elephant. Love Dottie's green pastel dress with the large polka dots and the smaller polka dot collar and trim.

  4. I am afraid you are being more productive in your "retirement" than I am in mine! I like the path you are taking with the adorable little animals, and can imagine many more waiting in the pike. I do love little Dottie all dressed up in large polka dots!

  5. She ,s very nice elephant girl , and i love her beautiful dress too hugs Cathy


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