Monday, July 15, 2013

Harley Davidson Cookie Molds

 Here in the Ozarks we have lots
of hilly winding roads with beautiful
scenery that are enjoyed by a multitude
of motorcycle enthusiasts. So, I've been
inspired to make some cotton linter 
castings of my set of Harley Davidson
cookie molds.     

These molds were made in 1992
for the Harley Davidson Company
and sold through dealerships.
I am unsure which company made
them. They are very similar to the
Brown Molds but are slightly
different in color. In our younger
days my Hubby and I logged many
miles on his numerous motorcycles,
including a Harley Davidson or two!
 These molds are highly detailed
and make beautiful cookies & castings.
They look great hanging on the
Christmas tree or displayed
in a shadow box.
 Visit my Brown Bag Molds page to see
other molds & link to the Brown Bag
 Website for recipes and craft ideas.
Little Cabin Creations Brown Bag Molds 

"Ride SAFE"  


  1. Nice Harley Davidson molds. I would like to learn how to make these type of molds one day. If I remember correctly, you have a tutorial.
    I too logged many motorcycle trips in my younger days but not on a Harley.

  2. What a trip! We lived in Missouri and enjoyed riding through those miles of road that go "nowhere" through beautiful oak forest. Loved it. Never would have imagined that Harley made cookie molds, though! Ha! :~)

  3. Nice molds. A lot of motorcycle folks will love those!

  4. wow very nice molds and nice idea for the Christmas tree. Hugs and thank you for visit me in my attic.

  5. What are these molds made out of I am looking to use them in soap are they acrylic I hope

  6. Are these safe for cold process soap making also is it okay to sell these are they approved through Harley-Davidson like if I wanted to make soap and sell them would it be a problem with Harley??

    1. Lori, Theses molds are made of stoneware. I have made wax molds, and cinnamon pomanders from the molds. The paper molds pop right out. They do sell a spray called molds release, that would probably help release soap. Give it a try. I hope this helps you.

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  8. Are these molds still available? I'm looking for a harley mold to use with my clay pieces and am wondering if they would work and how big they are

  9. Lisa, I do not have any Harley Davidson molds for sale. The best way to purchase them is on E-bay. They do not come up often and they sell anywhere from 35 to 50 dollars a piece. You can see the exact sizes of the molds on my Brown Bag Page listed on the top right hand side of the page. Good luck finding some for sale.


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