Friday, May 17, 2013

American Artist Frances Brundage 1854-1937

These wonderful postcards were first published in 1901 by
Raphael Tuck and sold in Great Britain, Canada &
the United States.  I love her illustrations of children.
What a wonderful treat to have received one of these
cards with a sweet message from a special friend.
Those were the days!!!

 Click below to learn more about American
artist Frances Brundage.

American Artist Frances Brundage


  1. Oh thank you, the postcards you have posted....those were the days...such a thrill to receive a picture postcard!!

    Also, thanks for the artist information.


  2. Beautiful postcards. Hope your Spring Cleaning is enjoyable and satisfying...if that makes sense.

  3. Oh they are so sweet, thanks for sharing Sherri!

  4. Oh my gosh, what lovely little images! Much rather look at these than Spring clean!

  5. wow beautiful images thank you so much see you soon hugs


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