Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Antique Perfection Stove

I visited my sister's home this past weekend and I just
 had to share this photo of her wood burning cook stove.  
Can't you smell the bread baking? 
 (She has a modern stove too.)
Debbie and Bob live in a lovely log cabin that Bob built.
My sister is an RN, Bob's a wonderful carpenter.
They are very self sufficient.
Plenty of wood for heating.

Lots of chickens.
That lay tasty brown eggs.
They have bees......
 lots of bees that make delicious honey.
 They have fruit trees.
 Their garden is small but has a very high yield.
They have grapes, raspberries and blackberries that 
make the sweetest wine.
   How's that for big broccoli!
My sister and I have very different talents.
She can't sew a stitch and I'm a lousy gardener!
 My sis is a fun lovin' gal too!


  1. Now that's the life for me! How nice!
    Love the stove too!


  2. What a lovely place to live. And, heh, love the cheeky photo!

  3. Wow, they've got everything you could possible want or need. I love the sepia photo, she looks
    like she really enjoyed taking it!

  4. Great pictures. Your sister is so pretty and they have a wonderful home. I do like her antique stove too. Its great. I know you enjoyed your time with them.

  5. This is what I call "the good life." It is quite wonderful that both you and your sister live in beautiful log homes. I imagine that there is a MAKE DO DOLL or two in your sister's home, and that you have plenty of fresh eggs and honey at your house.

  6. Thanks Ladies, Yes, I get fresh brown eggs and honey when I visit!! My sis has a doll with red hair and pig tails, just like her when she was little!

  7. super fun bar floozy photo!
    wow, their homestead is awesome! We've had bees on our farm in Illinois and it is my ultimate dream to have laying hens.
    Loved this post - I'm so jealous of their beautiful wood store and stove!


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