Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sawdust Double Ended or Topsy Turvy Doll

I finished the sawdust (cedar shavings)
 double ended dolly.  This doll is the
traditional black-white doll inspired by
photos of antique dolls.  On one side the 
doll is wearing the "icky green" dress, with
a mop day cap. There are 3 tiny antique 
white glass doll buttons on the front and 3
small antique white pie crust buttons on
the back.  She has brown wool hair with a
touch of gray!!
On the other end the doll is wearing a
red dress with 2 antique china buttons
on the front & 3 antique glass shoe buttons
on the back.  Her black trim is antique,
possibly silk or rayon.   She has wool hair,
and black shoe button eyes.   

It was interesting to make this type
of doll, I had to take into consideration
that the arms needed to move freely 
when turned upside down.  Also, to
make sure the doll underneath
 remains totally hidden.  The clothing
is sewn on the dolls and not removable.
That is a disappointment to me as
I do love a dolls under garments!  I
also had to put the wooden "Make
Do Doll" tag on the back of the red
dress.  I must say it was a lot of hand
sewing for just one doll! 
I made this doll for the MAIDA
doll group for submission to Art
I have also been busy making dolls
for Early Work Mercantile.
Christmas is not that far away!!


  1. OH MY I love your new dolls. they are so special and you have given them so many lovely details. I love the back buttons.

  2. She (they?) are perfectly executed -- can't wait to see them in print!

  3. I love your work, even made me love a topsy turvy doll in spite of my self. :~)

  4. All hand-stitched! Wish I could be a fly on the wall and watch you make one of these wonderful little Make Do dolls. I am hoping to have time soon to make a dress from your tutorial. Love your dolls and the way you dress them with all the special little details!

  5. So nice!! Your dolls are always dressed in beautiful clothes. How do you attach the dolls' hair?

  6. Super great topsy-turvy. I have never had one, but i do like them alot. Yours is just so special. I don't think I ever saw such well dressed one. Beautiful job. I like the combination of the green dress on one side and love the red on the other. Very fine.

  7. Your topsy-turvy dolls are beautiful and your workmanship is awesome as usual.


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