Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Meet "Miss Lucy" -- My New Dolly

This beautiful dolly is Orilla Lucinda Butternut,
affectionately known as "Miss Lucy" by her
family and closest friends! She's a reproduction
 Izannah Walker doll made by Jan Conwell,
 a very talented sculptor, painter, and doll maker.
I am so proud to own her.
I cannot wait to sew some under garments
and dresses for this lovely lass! 
She has the sweetest face.
I love her little brown high button shoes.
She has intricately crafted hands,
sculpted ears,
and finely painted hair.
Lucy is truly a work of art and
a family heirloom.

How did she become mine???
Jan and I came up with the brilliant
idea to trade dolls!
Little Taney Butternut has traveled to
Texas and Lucy has come to live in
the Ozarks with me. 
Not only did I receive Miss Lucy,
but a second package arrived with this
hand tooled leather key chain (I am half
Irish!) with a Celtic design. Plus walnut
 ink crystals, I use this to antique my
dolls and I'm just about out!
Thank you Jan & Phil,
This has been so much

On a recent week end outing I purchased
  a few collectibles for Miss Lucy.
A vintage straw bonnet, and a German to
English dictionary.  Lucy's ancestors were
German & Irish immigrants.

A vintage tea set in a sweet pine cone pattern,
just perfect for an Ozark mountain doll.

 Stay tuned for future posts of Miss Lucy.....
the fun begins!


  1. take great pictures! I'm so glad she's going to have you as her Tailor. :~D And what a score you made with the weekend of antiquing! That little pine cone tea set is so perfect.

    I'm glad to know you like to use walnut ink!
    Looking forward to her'll be so fun to see Lucy in her new clothes.

  2. Oh my gosh..."Miss Lucy" is wonderful..such a lady! Have fun creating her wardrobe :)


  3. This is great for you sherri and Jan. Miss Lucy is so pretty. I know you will enjoy sewing for her. Jan is proud of her doll that she got from you too. It's nice that you could share with each other and get something you both wanted.

  4. Well, I think you both made a good trade! What fun you will have with Miss Lucy; know Jan is overjoyed with Taney Butternut.

  5. This is wonderful! Jan did beautiful work creating Miss Lucy. I look forward to see her new wardrobe. Happy sewing.



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