Wednesday, May 16, 2012

  Spring in the Ozarks has been so beautiful I have found
it hard to stay indoors and work on dolls!  Hand
sewing is a slow process anyway so I will probably
only finish one doll this month.

I have been working on a little doll that
reminds me of the early black dolls in the
Hatch Collection. Here is a link to the website
 if you are not familiar with these one of a kind
  historic American cloth dolls.

For my doll I have chosen to make her body
of linen, stuffed with wool roving.

Her hair is wool and her eyes are
 antique white glass shoe buttons.

So far she has simple linen undies.

I think she will get a red dress and
a cotton or linen work apron. 
That is if I can stay indoors!!


  1. Sherri, I so love the old black dolls. this doll you are making is going to be wonderful. The wool hair is so pretty. The Hatch collection is great, so many fabulous dolls. I'm glad you are making one.

    1. Thanks ladies, your comments are always so encouraging!

  2. The black cloth dolls in the Hatch Collection are wonderful...looking forward to your little Hatch inspired beauty. I am always fascinated with your fabric choices in the dolls you, love the linen!!!

  3. I love this doll! The body shape you make is always the best combination of folky home-made and good solid function. This one's face makes me smile...something about that nose. :~)

  4. OH! So cute! I love her!
    I first fell in love with black cloth dolls when my family and I visited a Civil War reenactment near Salem, Oregon. I saw her and said, "I must adopt her!"
    I named her Alice and she came home with me. =]
    Here's a link to her posts if you'd like to see!

    Such a pleasure as always,
    Emaline(aka Marguerite)


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