Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When Will I Get Finished!

I really wish I could complete a doll more
 quickly, but hand sewing just takes hours
and hours!  I have been busy with
other things and can't seem to devote as
much time to doll making as I would like!

She finally has a simple embroidered
 face, some hair & a little
 wooden "Make Do Doll" tag.

I plaited some wonderful hand
 dyed brown wool into 
 a long row & hand stitched it to her head,
with a little bun in the middle.

She's not complete without all
her undergarments.   A simple chemise,
pantalettes & petticoat from cotton
muslin. These have been tea
 dyed (my hubby's PG Tips) and look much 
lighter in the photos.

I chose a simple pioneer style dress made
from  maroon red and tan cotton.  It's soft
like flannel.  Her apron is tea dyed

Her dress has 3 hook and eyes.

I decided against shoestrings,
and hand stitched fingers.
Not a single button could be
spared for her,
 she's a simple make-do doll.

She is in need of a bonnet & she has
her eye on one of the primitive
baskets.  Then she will be done!


  1. I think she's beautiful. Her hair looks so touchable!

  2. Awesome girl, she is just perfect, simply primitive, love her.
    Beautiful job on the hair as well, so real.

  3. I just love home made sweet dolls like these. My sister makes them and we sell them in my gift shop. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  4. Wonderful Sherri! Her hair is perfect! SHE"S A DOLL! :-)


  5. What great taste you have...the wool for hair, the wonderful plaid dress, coarse homespun apron. Love your primitives and love this doll!

  6. She's adorable! I love the way you did her hair and face.


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