Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Anna Mae's Saint Valentine's Gift

In 1855 the local Doctor was J. S. Layton.  He and his wife had seven children.  They came to the Ozarks from Virginia in the late 40's, most likely traveling by flat boat up the White River.  Anna Mae, was 10 years old and the middle child.  She attended the local school and would most definately have been a proper little girl from a prominent family.  The Layton's land valuation is listed as $1,900.00, a considerable sum for the Ozarks!

Anna Mae

Anna Mae is a cloth doll sewn completely by hand. She is 18 inches tall & stuffed with wool roving.  Her hand sewn mid 1800's pink reproduction print pintucked cotton dress has bell sleeves edged with hand crocheted lace. 3 decorative antique shell buttons adorn the back. She has an embroidered face, wool braided hair fashioned into a low bun with drop curls.  She has hand stitched fingers and little shoe laces. 

Her hand strung coral necklace is worn to ensure good health. Even a Doctor's daughter needs "extra" help in perilous times. 

She carries a special cotton handkerchief with a delicate tatted edge, a special gift from her Father in celebration of Saint Valentine's Day.

Her muslin lined straw spoon bonnet is embellished with velvet flowers, vintage spun cotton and composition fruits and vegetables and a black silk ribbon. 

Her under garments are hand stitched and consist of a cotton pintucked petticoat with a special tatted butterfly and lace edged pintucked pantalettes.  

  She is signed, dated and has a special wooden "Make Do Doll tag"

I will be offering Anna Mae Jan 1st at Early Work Mercantile.


  1. Your dolls are divine. It is so much fun, brings the inner child out in us. Thanks for stopping by. Richard from My old Historic house.

  2. Anna Mae is stunning, I will be watching for her.
    Always, Connie


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