Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Missouri Cullem Doll & Wagon---Miss Priss In Her Sunday Best---Little Butternut

I have been working on things for the "Settler's Harvest" at Early Work Mercantile. I will be offering a couple of my "Make Do" cloth dolls. One is a simple hand sewn "Butternut" reminiscent of the early Ozark dolls in her homespun dress.  "Miss Priss" is a fancy country doll in her hand sewn mid 1800's lace edged calico dress.  She is such a sweet little girl and I dearly enjoyed making her!  I have also been making corn husk dolls.  They are fun to make and put me in the spirit of fall.....my very favorite time of year!  I have made a couple of witches for Early Work Mercantile.



"Double, double toil and trouble
fire burn and cauldron bubble."

A Summer Evening Wedding

Recently I was asked by my Nephew's fiance if I would be willing to hem her wedding gown.  I was very honored that she would trust me with the most important dress she would ever wear in her life.  Never have I cut so carefully, pinned so neatly or sewn sooooo slowly and accurately!  I washed my hands every 30 minutes for fear I would soil this beautiful satin gown.  In the end, it turned out just as I had imagined, the dress was beautiful and the bride was stunning!  (She wore the loveliest yellow satin shoes)  The wedding was held outdoors,  just as the sun was beginning to set.  The reception tables were set with shades of early fall colors.  The centerpieces were large square glass vases filled with water, pebbles, a single large Gerbera Daisy and live goldfish.  Music, dancing, great food.  A good time was had by all.  I must say it was a perfect wedding planned with just the right mix of simplicity and elegance.  My very best wishes to the happy couple!
Travis and Kristen Williams

I probably made my first keepsake shadowbox back in the 80's but, I think they are timeless....... With the abundance of scrap booking supplies available today they are even easier than ever before.  I love to give a personalized hand made gift and of course I love to receive them!  I think they are always treasured.  The first thing you need is an invitation and that will come right to you through the mail.  Travis and Kristen's invitation was designed with a Gerbera daisy in shades of yellow and soft browns.  A couple of discreet phone calls for some insider information and I had a theme and was set to go.  I purchased a white shadowbox frame, some wonderful paper flowers , a soft brown card stock for the background, some shimmery yellow and white ribbon, and an orange glittery goldfish.  (Archival quality papers and glue is best)  I try to keep in mind I want to add to the invitation not distract from it, sometimes less is best!  Lay all the elements out and when you are satisfied, glue it together......How easy is that!!

"Missouri Cullem"
I have finished putting the final touches on a little "Missouri" doll body. She has stitched elbows and knees to make her more bendable and she is wearing her long red and white striped socks to keep her warm on the cool fall days. Her face is hand embroidered and I have added little shoe laces, and row upon row of stitched down spun wool yarn to create her hair.  She is stuffed with a high quality stuffing. The interior seam is sewn on the machine, but every thing you see on the doll is hand sewn. Read more about the "Missouri Cullem" doll in "About the Make Do Dolls" page. I will be offering "Missouri" on Early Work Mercantile October 1st.

  She is in need of some undergarments.
 A simple country dress is in order for Missouri. I have chosen a wonderful 1800's reproduction red print calico that should do nicely!
 Her dress is hand stitched and has 3 hook and eye closures. A single decorative antique china 2 hole button adorns the back.
Because Little Missouri has been such a help to her Mother with all the many chores that need to be done on the homestead, her Papa has given her an Indian head penny to spend when they go to town for winter supplies.  The wagon ride is long and bumpy so to keep her penny safe I think she needs a waist-pocket, hand stitched from a soft brown calico.
 She's nearly done, I am debating on some kind of bonnet, or perhaps a shawl for the wagon ride to town.  "Little Missouri" will be ready to buy some penny candy with her penny securely tucked away in her little waist -pocket! 

 A bonnet in blue calico and Missouri is finally done!
She is ready for the wagon ride to Taneyville to spend her special Indian head penny........sweet dreams of penny candy!
Missouri's wagon was hand crafted by Louis Allen an Ozark master wagon wright. It is an authentic 3/16 scale replica road wagon once made by the Springfield Wagon Company. 1872 to 1952. Accessories include a water barrel, hay sythe, mallet, hay fork, rifle, traditional Ozark moonshine jug, hay bale, (baled by Louis on his miniature hay baler) 2 grain bags  and a #3 size crock.  They too are hand crafted from wood and painted by Louis.

If you are interested in purchasing Missouri's wagon just e-mail me for details.  Wagon and all accessories $150.00 plus shipping, insured mail. 
More about Louis and his wood working talents 
in an upcoming post.